by Owen Davis

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As I lie here with you—our naked bodies touching—I begin to look further into the depths of self-discovery. Drops of outside background noise drip from the thick bedroom walls that surround us in the darkness of your unlit room. The lurid light of the moon starts to creep in through the shutters, while the wind howls simultaneously, and gunshots echo in the distance of the night. What is our purpose? I finally ask myself, hoping for the slightest bit of an answer, but with none received. Surely there must be a reason. I whisper to him, yet still uncertain whether or not he has fallen into silent sleep. There is no meaning of life; don't you remember what they said to us back at the station? His resonant voice was throbbing like that of a fully erected penis held by the hands of one's former master. Soon enough, all sounds of life outside the room began to fade from existence, and only the still-beating of his heart could be heard for the rest of that peculiar night.


released October 8, 2013

All sounds performed by Owen Davis, except for the samples of the field recordings used at the 24, and 28 minute mark. Credit goes to CyberiaLainKittyKat
Album artwork, and everything else all done by Owen Davis




Owen Davis Illinois

Experimental, Avant-garde Noise/Dark Ambient/Power Electronics/Death Industrial project from Illinois, USA.

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